Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

My cold hasn't lingered! Whew! I'm surprised at how quickly I got over it and that when it was over it was over and not a week or two of still feeling on the verge of getting it back.

My energy is back and I've been making up for the time I lost while I was feeling crappy. Kevin and I have been working hard on finishing the hall and stairs. I've been a painting fool and today I finished most of the trim. All that's left is the edge of the stairs, which will require a deft hand. I've been filling nail holes after Kevin air nails on the quarter round and it will need a light sanding and touch-up painting this week.

The stair rail still needs a little bit of refinishing, then ... because we foolishly painted walls before getting the stairs sanded ... I'll need to do a wipe down of our freshly painted walls and then it will be a matter of walking around with the paint can and a small brush and touching up a few little places here and there. Then the hall will be done. The goal is to have it done before Luke gets home next Saturday night. Do-able. I think.

Of course, I'm also hoping to have the house cleaned up (it's currently a bit of a disaster because we've been focusing our time and energy on the hall/stair project) and maybe even some Christmas decorating done. This will be a busy week.

We would have had more done this weekend except that Kevin had Board meetings and events all weekend, including Christmas parties on both Friday and Saturday night. I went to the party Saturday night and it was fun. Nice meal, good people, dancing, singing. Mostly it's great to see all the Sarcan employees having such a great time.

It was also special for me because it was the first time I've gone out to a social event where I've felt that people who see me aren't thinking, "She's obviously been through a medical crisis". What happened is that on Friday I phoned my hair saviour, Van (from Crimpers on Broadway). Amazingly, he'd just had a cancellation and so I was able to see him Saturday morning, which is
much sooner than I had anticipated. I was VERY happy to be able to see him before the Christmas party and had been chastising myself for not picking up the phone to make an appointment earlier. Van coloured my hair to make it look a little richer. It's quite dull, though not a lot of grey showing, which surprises me considing how salt and pepper it was coming in before Van coloured it that first time in spring. He then trimmed off the ends, which he said were especially tightly curled ... like a "toothpick perm", he said. He think that will help loosen the curl a bit in general. We'll see. Then he blow dried it, back combed it to give it some lift and generally tried to make it look as long as possible! I was SO pleased with it. It's the closest to normal I've felt since I lost my hair a year and a half ago. My hair is so thin and I can see my scalp through it ... kind of like a cheap doll where they've scimped on the hair ... haha! Van said my hair is now is so different than it was. It used to be so thick and courser. Now it's very thin
and baby fine and incredibly curly. Van assures me that there are lots of changes in store for my hair yet and they will be for the better. Thanks, Van!

Here I am painting door trim yesterday in my new hair, which kind of looks like a wig because it's so unlike any hair I've ever had! Still, when I was wearing a wig all the time, I always felt that the wigs were a step up from my own hair.

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