Sunday, December 5, 2010

Party Mode

Here I am off to yesterday's Christmas party with my new hair do and my new cape, courtesy of Mom's sewing talent. Almost normal!

You can see the new and approved paint colour on the walls, my carefully painted stair spindles and the yet to be finished stair risers. I'm very excited to get a home improvement project done! Almost done, I mean. Will be done. Soon.

Now that I've decided that I might just live for a while yet (said only ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek because, truth be told, it's been some time since I dared imagine what life might hold even more than a year down the road), I'm eager to consider some other projects in the new year. I hope Kevin is at least as interested. Kitchen and bathroom are on the radar, as are cedar shakes on the outside overhangs and a much-needed new deck/patio.

What to do ... what to do. I have a feeling our budget will be the deciding factor so I'd best not get my hopes up.

Just so you know, I'm inclined to want to HUG every single one of you! Just because I'm so happy and because you've all made such a difference to me! Thanks, everyone. So much.
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  1. Heather, I have SEVERE "hair envy"!! You look just gorgeous in the photo taken before the Christmas party. Heck, you look gorgeous while painting with your new hair do!

    Don't worry about your takes quite awhile before it gets "back to normal". Mine came back similar to the toothpick perm your hairdresser talks about :) Well, ok it wasn't that tightly rolled but it was impossible to do anything with for a long, long time! I wish I'd kept track of how long it took for my hair to get back to normal, but I do remember it wasn't that long ago that I started to pay for perms because my hair was back to being straight.

    Now, of course I'm wrapped up in bandana's, scarves, and my hoodie - trying to keep warm because I've got no hair to keep me toasty this winter! It was a much different story this summer :) Having no hair came in mighty handy while camping.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by! Only yesterday afternoon I popped onto your blog to see if you had a status update but there was nothing. I'm so glad to know you're up to computering at least!

    When I washed my hair on Monday without the benefit of my stylist to "do it", it is still much better than it was before he trimmed those fuzzy ends off. It's still very curly but a bit looser, at least. And very thin. Good thing it curls a bit because without a skilled stylest weaving a veil of backcombed hair across the top of my head, you can really see through to my scalp. It's SO thin right now. I wonder if that isn't because of the Tamoxifen because my hair used to be so thick. When it started coming back, I looked like pigpen from Peanuts with just some straggly hairs sticking up here and there. Not like a lot of people I see whose hair comes back quite thick, covering their whole head at least. Hair. Who knew it could be such an issue!!

    I was bald all through last winter. I slept with a thick cotton toque on all winter and always wore a toque or warm hat on my head. I didn't like wearing a wig unless I was going out in public but I always needed something to keep my head warm. And my neck. I never realized before how much my hair had kept my neck and ears warm. I liked wearing sweaters with that came up high on the back of my neck ... hoodies were good ... and scarves. Those circle scarves are good. You can pull them up over your head when you get a head chill and they cover your neck at the same time.

    Thanks again for stopping by. I'm thinking of you every day, Lisa, and sending wishes for you out there.

    You and Will have a very merry Christmas, too.


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