Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Girls!

My sides still ache from the hilarity that comes with having "the girls" together at our place. Kayla, Gillian, Hannah. They only had one drink. HONEST!

Kayla was interested in learning how to make a felted acorn so we did that. She needle felted and wet felted until she had her very own little woolly acorns. With her newly gained needle felting skills, soon moustaches were being needle felted. I have about 50 photos of the girls in their various configurations of felt facial hair. So funny!

Kayle and Gillian brought me some very cute breast-cancer fighting mittens. I'll wear them like boxing gloves ... beating the crap out of the remnants of breast cancer treatments. I DO NOT have breast cancer anymore but I still have a few ghosts to shake. I'm sure the feeling is somewhat akin to post-traumatic stress. Breast cancer fighting mittens will help.

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