Friday, December 17, 2010

Could the Soap be Working?

One has to wonder. I haven't had a night time cramp since I stuck those two bars of soap in my bed! Hmmm ...

At the same time I also got back to eating a banana every day so maybe it's the banana.

Maybe I wouldn't have had a cramp these past few days anyway.

It's a cramping mystery.

I do get hints of cramps during the day if I twist my foot sideways for any reason or if I go up onto my toes. I can usually catch them before they take hold. "Warning cramps", I call them. But, so far, no night time ones since those nasty ones earlier this week.

And now ... off to a Christmas function, which is pretty much what I (we) have been doing every night this week.

Do I have a tree up? Nooooo ...
Do I have any baking or cooking or food planning done? Noooooo ...
Do I have all my shopping done? Nooooooo ...
Do I have ANY wrapping done? Nooooo ....
Have I sent ANY cards? Nooooooo ...
Do I care right now? Well, maybe a little bit. Yes, I do, in fact, but there's no point getting all bent out of shape about it.

Christmas comes whether you're ready or not and it's always a great time anyway. I hold on to that theory.
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