Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fingerless Gloves in Five Minutes!

I had seen this idea a while ago and it's so easy, I just had to try it. Hannah likes fingerless gloves. It's not so cold in Vancouver, so fingerless ones are usually plenty warm enough and one can easily phone and text with them.

Hannah and I made these tonight in about 5 minutes. I had a couple of cashmere sweaters with holes in them so I had earlier washed them in HOT water and tossed them in the dryer to "felt them". They hadn't shrunken up (or "felted") as much as I had hoped, so I threw them in again and the blue sweater finally did what I wanted it to. The charcoal grey sweater hasn't shrunk as much so I'll try it again later. It's the one I most wanted to make gloves out of because it would match Hannah's grey scarf. Since the blue sweater shrunk up nicely, all we had to do to make fingerless gloves is cut off the arms - you can make them as long or short as you want - and then make a 1 inch snip with the scissors for Hannah's thumbs to poke through. Easy peasy! She loves them but she'll love the grey ones more.

Doesn't our kitchen make a good modeling background? We should rent out the space to photographers.

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