Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Milestone!

Remember when, because of my frozen shoulders, I couldn't even reach back past the side of my hip? I couldn't scratch my back or my butt and I couldn't do up my bra in the back. Not being able to do up my bra in the back was demoralizing for me. Well ... guess what!!

This morning ... it took me a while and it wasn't easy and it hurt a bit but I triumphed!!! I did up my bra in the back! YEAH!!! It can only get easier.

I should also say that while I'm still basically in a weight holding pattern, my aerobic stamina is really improving. When I first started at 2 minutes on the cross trainer, I would be very winded by the end. Now I'm hardly heavy breathing at all after 2 minutes and I can go longer now. I do find that my hips and knees seize up sooner than I would prefer but I can now do 3 minutes and even then I'm not winded. That's promising. I also feel generally stronger, especially in my arms. And I can walk faster. All good.

Unfortunately, despite those positive points, I've caught a cold. I was getting headaches and a bit of a sore throat on the weekend but I was attributing that to the paint smells in the house. But now a cold has emerged and I'm sure those were the warning signs. My ears and throat hurt. I must say, considering all I've been through over the past 2 years, I've been relatively free of colds and the little sniffles I did get, never grew into anything too bad. I attribute that to my becoming a germaphobe - a lot of handwashing and being avoiding crowds and things like that. And maybe the vitamins and supplements have helped. Hard to know. At any rate, I hope this passes quickly.

Happy Birthday, Jack!


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