Thursday, December 23, 2010

She's Ho-ome!

Hannah. She's home. She flew in from Vancouver on Monday afternoon. *sigh* It's wonderful to have both she and Luke home for a while.

We finally got the tree decorated Monday night. We are SO behind in our Christmas preparations. I'm running on fumes.

Mom and Gary were here from Thursday until Sunday. They came in to see Josh and Noelene and for Graham's birthday. They'll be back on Friday for a little bit of Christmas with us. I took Monday off work to get some things done before Hannah arrived. It also turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to meet Kathleen, who is the sister of a couple of my Splurge Club Angels. She's actually an "angel", too, in that she was so helpful to me when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. I had never met her in person and hadn't communicated with her for over a year. She brought her Mom by our house to do some "guppy club" business with Kevin, giving Kathleen and I some time to catch up. It was so good for me to hear more about how Kathleen is finding life after breast cancer treatments. While I'm sorry that she still feels the fall-out from that experience, it was very good for me to hear that perhaps I'm not just crazy and that the mental and physical fatigue I still feel is very common. The lingering chemo brain ... the cognitive challenges ... the memory issues ... I'm not alone. I felt so much better after meeting and talking with Kathleen.

So ... tonight I wrapped and am feeling happy to be a little more on top of things than I was. As long as I don't try to think too far ahead and just do one thing at a time, I don't get so overwhelmed. As long as I don't think of all the things I would like to get done in the next day or two. Baby steps. Baby steps. Christmas will be wonderful no matter how much I don't accomplish.

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