Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back To A Happy Place

Messed up house or wedding photos? Easy choice!

The flowers at Josh and Noelene's wedding were gorgeous and abundant! Each table ... every surface! ... had a beautiful floral arrangement on it.

Noelene's bouqet was so pretty. The flowers were all done by The Nosegay. Thanks, Josh and Noelene for giving Nosegay your business and thanks, Nosegay, for such beautiful work.

In the photo with the purple tulips you can see the edge of a pretty beaded candle holder. These, in various colours, were strewn about the room in abundance ... on tables and on the sills of the tall narrow windows around the room! They were so pretty and effective. They really sparkled and looked very special. Noelene's parents had them sent from South Africa where they're made in what sounds like a woman's co-operative or a social economy enterprise.

I thought the cake was gorgeous, too! I can't remember who did the cake but it was the same people who have a booth at the Farmer's Market. I can picture it but just can't remember the name - a common situation for me. ARGHH!  I should say, too, that the cake was no just pretty, it was DELICIOUS!  Perhaps the best tasting wedding cake I've ever had. In fact, one of the best cakes period! I had a piece of chocolate and a taste of the Saskatoon berry layer. Mmm ... mmm ... mmmmm.  When I learn the name of the cake makers, I'll post it here.

Lynn, the mother of the groom, was looking especially pretty!  Her dress looked great on her. Here's her corsage. She's standing with one of her nieces from Alberta.

And, of course, Noelene was a bright, shiny, pretty bride. Here she is at the end of the evening just before she and Josh left the hall. She has her bouquet in a vase to extend its life. She has a wrap over shoulders, ready to face the cool of the evening. She must have been so tired. She was probably running on adrenaline by then. 



  1. Beautiful flowers! Tulips are my favorite flower and I think Orchids come in as a close second! :)

  2. I get all warm and fuzzy again just looking at these photos. It's a good thing!


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