Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Legs Were Not Digitally Enhanced In This Photo

That's me! For real! Okay ... just a shadow of myself but I like it. I love seeing myself so long and lean! This was taken while I walked through one parking lot at the University to get to the mudhole parking lot on the other side of it where I park. It was just so exciting to see a non-snowy and dry piece of earth! And it was warm enough to actually want to stand still for a moment and take a photo. That, too, is a nice change.

It seems I needed a "recovery weekend". In other words, a weekend where I holed up in my house for a while and stayed in the recovery position until I felt well enough to function. As I left work on Friday, I had a funny feeling that I would be having a crash. For that reason I didn't go straight home. I ran into a store and bought a dress first. I need a dress for Josh and Noelene's wedding in two weeks and Mom had given me birthday money for it so I tried on a bunch of things and settled on one. Excuse me for not being REAL excited about it because I still feel like a blob in it. Maybe I'll get more excited after I get out to buy some of those sucky-inny underthings that I will need to carry this dress off. I'm going to need maximum strength sucky-inny underclothes.

I had planned on dress shopping on Saturday but I just had a feeling that I wouldn't be in the mood. So with my dress shopping done on Friday by 7:00, I headed home to grab a bite and then go to my splurge club party, which I was really looking forward to. But the minute I got home, I pretty much crashed. I thought perhaps I was just hungry so I ate and waited for my revival. But no such luck. I was totally wiped. So I didn't go to splurge and I missed out on all the fun. I curled up on the couch and only moved to get myself to bed. I told myself that I'd feel energized tomorrow at least.

But I didn't feel terribly energetic on Saturday either. I was still in my pj's when Luke's lacrosse game started at 11:00. I followed the live stats and emailed updates to Kevin, who was in Calgary, throughout the game. Bellarmine lost the game by 2 after a great last quarter. If they'd played like that in the 2nd quarter, they'd have won that game. Luke got a couple of goals and an assist. I was glad he had a good game, at least, though the win would have especially exciting with this being a "conference game".

After the game ended at 1:00, I still couldn't get myself moving. I wouldn't have gone anywhere or done anything if I hadn't made a hair appointment for 4:00. So I had a nice visit with Van at Crimpers and got my hair coloured and shaped. It's a little less like a fuzzy ball after Van works his magic. Hopefully I learned something. It's funny how grey my hair was when it first came back but that there's hardly any grey to cover ever since I got that first nonpermanent colour the first time. Van says my new growth isn't as curly as my first growth. That's somewhat comforting.

After that I went out for dinner with a girlfriend and then curled up in a ball on the couch again. It was mostly an unproductive day.

But today I woke up feeling better so I ran some errands, stopped at a book store (where I bought NOTHING, by the way - that doesn't happen very often - not at a book store!), I washed the car, got groceries, cleaned the house, cleaned and chopped bunches of vegetables for the fridge. I played a bit with my fabric and put together some combinations that look very exciting! I have some small projects in mind and can't wait to get started on them! I really enjoy the mixing and matching of fabrics. I'm a little afraid to cut into them but I'm just going to have to get over that, won't I?

And now Kevin's back from Calgary and tomorrow starts another week. I hope I got myself rested enough to have a good week. I have no more trouble with the wound on my back. It's healing nicely now even though it will be a bigger scar than it would have been had it not separated. Oh well. At least it's on my back where I won't see it much. I notice that my underarm is sore a little swollen tonight. Even though I thought I was being quite careful about how I managed groceries, I must have carried some too heavy bags. That seems to be the only thing that causes swelling under my arm. I hope it goes back to normal overnight.

I have an eye appointment tomorrow. The first one since a couple of years before my breast cancer diagnosis. The chemo messes with eyes and the Tamoxifen I'm on now has "may cause cataracts" as a side effect. I wonder if I'll need glasses yet. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess, "no".

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