Monday, April 11, 2011

I Knew A Woman Lovely In Her Bones

I was able to see two more of Alexa's dance group performances on the weekend! I quite loved seeing all the dancing. Very beautiful! And how nice to see the passion with which these young people dance. It's so nice to see. Alexa dances beautifully. She floats and has gorgeous lines.

On Saturday, we also watched Luke's lacrosse game against Air Force Academy. It was webcast, which is much appreciated. Unfortunately, Bellarmine lost to Air Force. Luke got a couple of goals and an assist, so that was the upside of the game for me.

Over the weekend, we played cards with Darrel and Lynn, spent some time with Ron and Patty, and saw Josh and Noelene who are in town to prepare for their WEDDING!!!!  We also met Noelene's parents who are here from South Africa! We're so excited about this wedding! And excited to have Ricardo, Hannah, and Matt in town, too! I wish Luke could be here for the wedding and I know he wants to be, too, but his coach would surely disown him if he were to miss a game!

"I knew a woman lovely in her bones" is a line from one of my favourite poems: I Knew A Woman by Theodore Roethke. My all time favourite poem by Roethke, though, is My Papa's Waltz. I also love The Waking ... "I learn by going where I have to go" ... which is what I'm doing more than ever.

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  1. oh so lovely, the post the lovely dancer and the lovely poetry. I am going to go check out a book by that poet from the library!


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