Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Like Mona Lisa

See? Mona Lisa doesn't have any eyebrows either! I am lousy at drawing on my eyebrows. I don't like drawing on my eyebrows. If my bangs were long enough, I wouldn't but as it is I do look more peculiar than usual if I don't. DRAT today's eyebrow fashion!

My eyebrows got half rubbed off today at my eye appointment. I didn't notice it until I got home after work! That seems to happen quite regularly. Sometimes I accidentally wipe them off myself.

I'm happy to report that my eyes are healthy. They look good. No problems. While I was given a prescription, I was told that it's really my call as to whether I get any or not. I'm told that my eyes are only starting to strain a little with close reading but it's nothing that I notice myself. Mostly he suggests that if I get glasses now, it might make my transition to glasses easier when I really do need them. Because of my particular vision peculiarities, glasses at any time are going to be difficult for me, which he's told me before. I was previously told to avoid them for as long as possible to save myself the misery. I think I'll stick with that and endure the transition when I have to. I've been through enough, dammit. I DO NOT need another physical challenge even though I think it might be fun to wear some funky glasses ... when I feel like it.

My eye doctor told me that rarely sees eyes that are so interesting as mine and he was kind of excited about looking at them. I said, "I bet you say that to everyone!" Apparently my eyes are so interesting because they're so challenging to work with. The reason they're so interesting, apparently, is because one eye is very near sighted and the other is very far sighted. I'm told that when you see people who are 80 years old and still not wearing glasses it's because they have vision like mine - built in bi-focals. The reason glasses will be challenging for me is because my eyes are so used to working together and glasses will ultimately both add some benefits for me while diminishing my vision in other ways. All that considered, I will put off getting glasses for the time being.

What I was most relieved to hear is that my eyes are healthy. He told me that amazingly enough, chemotherapy doesn't typically cause any long term damage to the eyes. Only in rather uncommon cases. Chemo causes some problems, some of which I experienced, during chemo but the eyes typically recover quite quickly. YEAH!! He also told me that while cataracts are listed as a possible side effect of Tamoxifen, his experience is that such cases are very rare. He says it's kind of hard to say for sure because so many women taking Tamoxifen are of an age where they might have developed cataracts anyway.

I came away feeling very relieved that all is okay with my eyes and that as a bonus I don't HAVE to get glasses.

Now that I'm over that hurdle, I can make a dental appointment. I'm not quite so confident about my teeth. I fear I'll need some work done and after my awful abscess last year ... the one that wasn't diagnosed for several days during which I bounced around from dentist to doctor and then back to dentist and lived on morphine and fumes until it was finally treated ... I'm quite terrified about my teeth being "disturbed". Still ... I'd better get them looked at. And polished up.

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