Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lisa Rendall

That's Lisa on the left. Then Shawna, me, Rob, and Ramblin' Dave. I see that I looked as awful as I felt. No, that's not true. I felt even worse that day.

While I've known that Lisa has been going through a particularly rough time, it nonetheless came as a shock and made for an upsetting day to hear on the radio this morning that she left this world yesterday. I'm so sorry. I reflected today on what an incredible and indelible mark she left on our community and on the world since her diagnosis and how she worked tirelessly to raise awareness and help other people with cancer diagnoses.

I met Lisa briefly when I (stupidly) agreed to take part in the C95 Radio Marathon for breast cancer. I say "stupidly" because it was right at the end of my last chemo and I was feeling quite awful and I was all puffed up from the steroids and from edema. Actually, I felt worse than awful. I really felt like shit and had no business leaving the house but I felt it important to do my part.  And, to make matters worse, I was very weepy. I cried all the way to the mall where the event was taking place and then I cried when I introduced myself. I mostly managed to hold it together through the interview with Rambling Dave ... he was so great about helping me keep it together.

After the interview I met Lisa and we had a little chat. And after that, from time to time, Lisa and I would exchange emails. She would so kindly inquire as to how I was doing and I would ask the same of her. While we didn't know each other well, I thought it was just generous of her to take that time to care. That was only less than a year and a half ago when I met Lisa and I remember noting that she didn't even look like she'd been through anything awful. In fact, she looked great! I recall hoping hope that soon I would look so well. It's hard to believe that cancer took her. It wasn't without a fight, that's for sure. 

Lisa will be profoundly missed by so many.


  1. It's so hard to keep your chin up when someone else succumbs to this dreadful disease. Especially someone so young and seemingly healthy. I just keep repeating my mantra (its not coming back, its not coming back, its not coming back....)

  2. I share in the grief you are feeling. This awful cancer has taken several of my friends and acquaintances, and it just seems to be such a constant battle. Stay strong! This battle can be won!!

  3. Today at 2:00 was the memorial service for Lisa.

    I know you get that sinking feeling like I do, Berny, when you hear news like this. I do so admire your resolve, though, and somehow I believe that your positive attitude is the ticket. I'm still working on mine. I'm not sure what kind of sign I need to get there, but I think it will come. Soon, I hope. I don't recommend living afraid. It takes some of the joy out of life and why would anyone want to do that!

    Thanks for your words, Jayne, and for sharing our grief. FY Cancer, is what I say!


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