Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where Do You Get Your Groceries?

I wanted to do some baking today and needed a few ingredients. We stopped at Sobey's, which is where we usually go. I would like to do most of my shopping at the Co-op but because we're still involved in fundraising for the Scorpion's lacrosse team, we shop at Sobey's to support the team. Not that the Co-op likely has the ingredients I'm often looking for, so I guess that's just a little aside ... an explanation as to why we shop at Sobey's.

So ... we're at Sobey's and I'm a little disappointed (but not surprised) that I can't find some of the ingredients I'd like to try using so I get the usual type baking stuff. Boring.

After Sobey's we went to Petland so Kevin could pick up some aquarium things. And because I don't need to see the inside of yet another aquarium store, I went next door to HomeSense (the home store affiliated with Winners). And just look at the goodies I found THERE! I got two different kind of organic quinoa, dutch pressed dark cocoa, solid dark baking chocolate, extra dark chocolate chips, Himalayan and Atlantic sea salts (I already have French Grey from a previous trip), Organic and gluten-free chocolate cake mix (NO additives), coconut flour (I recently bought organic whole wheat and quinoa flours there, too), and organic brownie and dark chocolate cookie mixes. I usually get my chia seeds at HomeSense, as well as candied ginger, balsamics, vanilla paste, various flavours of oils including coconut oil, hemp seeds, some pastas, seasonings, jams and jellies, marinades and sauces. And more. There's a lot more there ... including coffees and teas ... if you're so inclined.

I know I can get some of the ingredients I want at Dad's on 8th Street, but I'm still pretty impressed with the selection that often can be found at HomeSense and I think they must have just received a new shipment because the shelves seemed especially abundant. I want to make a dark chocolate brownie recipe that includes lime zest and sea salt. 

And then Kevin and I made some very good sandwiches and followed the live stats for Luke's last lacrosse game for the season. It turned out to be another disappointing loss. Luke got a goal, but I think he's eager to put the season behind him and hope for a better season next year. Next week he writes exams, then there's the Kentucky Derby next weekend ... I don't think he plans to attend ... and he flies to Victoria on Monday to try out for a Junior A lacrosse team (The Shamrocks) there. I can't believe he'll be done his third year at Bellarmine! WOW!
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