Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breathtaking Ballerina

What grace! What poise! What beauty!  I had the opportunity to see Alexa dance tonight in a group ballet piece. It was so lovely! They earned a silver medal. I wish I'd been able to see her other group and solo performances but so far those have been during the day when I'm at work. There are a couple performances I should be able to catch on Saturday.

Almost a year has passed since I last had my shoulder massaged. My last massage was at the end of last May. And then I started back to work full time and with it and the exhaustion, I was afraid to commit to an appointment for which I might feel too tired to get to.  But now that my shoulders appear to be thawed and my energy levels are improving, I booked myself in on Tuesday and I'm sure glad I did.  Pam has magic hands. She's "a healer". The first time she gave me a massage, I must confess that I was even a little spooked. It was a pretty amazing experience ... the sense that she's working you over with her mind and energy and not just her hands. My shoulders had a much improved range of motion after she had worked on them. She also gave me a lymphatic massage that will have helped, too. She said my underarm seemed a little extra puffy and I'm sure that's still carry over from lifting groceries on Sunday. It's not nearly as bad but it does take a while ... a few days at least ... for the swelling to come back down to almost normal.  I see her again in 2 weeks. I'm hoping that between her massage and my stretching (thanks, Berny, for the elastic band and pamphlet) that I'll be able to really improve the range of motion in my shoulders.

I would be so happy if my arms could regain ballerina-like grace and flexibility!  I think I remember the first few positions. I'm going to go try them right now and see how close I can get!

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  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy this picture made it on the blog!...after the marathon I did yesterday night. hehehhehee! I am really glad you could see me yesterday. I love that dance...well I love all my dances, but that is definately one of my favourite groups. I never got a chance to fill you in on how I did on my solos. I did my Jazz solo on wednesday and I got a mark of 85...which is a gold mark! I didn't place though, but that is ok, thats not why I dance anyways. I did get an award was a "Lovely Legs" award. Next was my demi-character ballet solo (it was celtic inspired) I got a mark of 91 (which I was absolutely amazed about) and a gold medal...with a trophy! My pointe solo was yesterday and it being my first ever pointe solo I was kind of nervous :3 I got a bronze medal for it and another award for "Presentation" And that is my solo update. There is another competition in Saskatoon in May, and it is on the weekend so maybe you will be able to see them then. Well bye for now! Hope to see you on Saturday!


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