Monday, April 4, 2011

Fish Love

Hannah took this video with her iPhone. It's of a very cute box puffer fish at the aquarium in Baltimore. It had a crush on Kevin! The fish would get so obviously excited whenever Kevin would get close to the glass. Those little fins would flutter madly! No wonder Kevin is a fish nerd!




  1. Cute! Speaking of fish, I made the fish tacos today and they were a hit. Murray was skeptical when I told him what I was making but he loved them too. Thanks for the great recipe!

  2. Hi Berny! I'm so glad you and Murray liked the fish tacos! We plan on making them again this week. They're a real hit for us. I think we'll make them next weekend, too, when Hannah is home. She's bringing her boyfriend home with her and we'll meet him for the first time! HOW EXCITING! He's from BC so I'll bet he hasn't had pickerel tacos before.


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