Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Fistful of Hair. Gone.

After not losing any hair to speak of since that one day last week, I was surprised to see quite a bit of it in the tub this morning. First I noticed more than the usual individual ones floating about and then I realized that there was also a "clump". Not a big clump but a lot more hair than one should be losing normally. That said, my hair doesn't visibly look thinner than it did. Yet.

A doctor friend of mine emailed to suggest I get my thyroid checked. And not just the standard blood test. A more indepth one. He provided some details so I'll know what to talk to my doctor about. I appreciate the suggestion. One gets so caught up in thinking everything is related to cancer treatment drugs that it doesn't occur to think it might be unrelated. Then again, some reading indicates that thyroid problems can occur as a result of radiation to the chestal area. Many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism are very much like the side effects of Tamoxifen and chemo. Ha! Figures.Just my luck that Dr. House is between seasons and not seeing patients. I'll have to see if my regular doctor will be willing to endorse the more extensive thyroid testing.

Today I called a friend who has just started her chemo. She's on day 2 and feeling not too bad. Before I called her I thought I should refresh my memory and read back about my experience. It's a little sketchy in my memory. It wasn't long before I was bawling my eyes out! While I did have some pretty good days while on chemo ... all considered ... there were sure some grim days. Yet now, in retrospect, it seems that the worst of the whole experience has actually been AFTER chemo and radiation were all done. Trying to get my life back after treatments are done is actually harder than treatments themselves. Still, as I remind myself, I'm eternally grateful just to have a life to get back to.

Cancer's not for everyone, you know.

I wish it was just for mosquitoes and not people.
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  1. Ah mosquito cancer - now that is perfect! :)

  2. Love the mosquito cancer idea ;) Have a super summer! And congrats to Kyle on winning the Kraft $25,000.00. I did vote!! Rhonda

  3. Thanks for mosquito venting with me, Berny and Rhonda! Dang things!

    And thanks for voting for Kyle, Rhonda! I was checking all weekend to see the results but didn't know Kyle won until I read your comment! That's awesome!


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