Friday, July 1, 2011

Go Riders?

We were very excited to go to a Riders vs BC Lions pre-season game while we were in Vancouver.

Hannah's boyfriend, Matt, acquired tickets for us. His Dad very kindly let us use his season's tickets and then he and Matt's sister, Jessica, who is visiting from Australia, snagged some extra tickets and came to the game, too.

We were especially thrilled to take Hannah to her first professional football game! She does look a little shell-shocked, doesn't she? Notice that she isn't actually wearing the Rider shirt we gave her for Christmas and that was, until just before the game, still folded as it had been in the store.

The "felions" cheerleaders did their bit. Hannah was aghast! I thanked her for not being a cheerleader and she thanked me for thanking her! Ha! Nevermind that I was a cheerleader ... if you can call it that. Eeek! Not a Roughrider cheerleader, though.

My friend, Carol, was a Roughrider cheerleader in high school! I believe there's going to be a cheerleader reunion at one of the Rider games this fall and Carol has been preparing to be the cheerleading alumnus that gets thrown in the air. She is a keener, that one!

If you find Hannah's expression is a little less than enthusiastic, you are most perceptive. This might well be the last football game she ever attends, though if we could have got a few more ciders in her she might have seen things differently. Notice that she has her Rider shirt on. Maybe that's what her expression is about. Maybe it's the cheerleaders. Maybe it's that Matt is wearing a BC Lions hat. Maybe it's that we're losing. Badly.

Even though we lost ... badly ... we had a blast! And then we went to the Cascade across the street from Hannah's place for bourbons and food. A fun night!
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