Monday, July 25, 2011

In A Quilt Far Far Away ...

Remember these Heather Ross "Far Far Away" fabrics I bought some time ago? Well, I've since added some more to my collection.

Yesterday this layout caught my eye and I thought it might be just right for featuring these very special fabrics. This meant fussy cutting, which is time consuming and means some general fabric waste but I'm very happy with the way the dimensions of the cuts worked for what I wanted to do. I took me about 7 hours or so to cut everything, arranging as I went to try to balance colours and patterns. Since I made a measuring/cutting error on Saturday resulting in my ruining 4 rectangles with one slice making them all short by an inch, I was extra careful yesterday and used the carpenter's mantra, "Measure TWICE. Cut once."

So here's the layout. It all fits on my table top without the sashing. So imagine sashing (strips of fabric) between all the pieces. I don't have the sashing yet but I'm going to stop by Periwinkle (on 8th in Grosvenor Shopping Centre) and see what might work. I had previously eyed up a linen-look cotton that's available in two shades and there was also a deep Kona eggplant colour that might be right, too.

I'll also be buying some spray starch for the gauzy Heather Ross fabrics. Some of these fabrics are more of a canvas weight while others are gauze, which has a lot of shift to it. I think I'll be wise to use some starch to stiffen those fabrics. I've read reports from people who have worked with both of these fabric weights who say they haven't had any difficulty in using the two weights together in quilts and that the end result is nice, so I'm going for it.

The Rapunzel, Owl and Pussycat, and Sleeping Beauty fabrics are cotton canvas. The Unicorn, Princess and the Pea, Snails, and Frog On Lily Pad are cotton gauze. Aren't they pretty and girly? If this quilt turns out as nicely as I hope, I think I'll save it in case I have a granddaughter one day. No pressure, Hannah and Luke. Really. NO pressure.
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  1. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful stash of Heather Ross! And the fussy cutting was well worth it! I look forward to seeing it with its sashing! Happy shopping!

  2. It wasn't easy to gather these Heather Ross fabrics and there are others I would love to have but all in all, these ones are working just fine for me. Thanks for your encouragement.

    I shopped yesterday and easily selected the Kona Eggplant colour. I think it looks really rich without being too "purply", if you know what I mean. I can't wait to see it all sewn together, too.


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