Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Home Town Weekend

It was so nice to get to the lake for the weekend. Since we were really just back from our trip to BC, Kevin and I stayed home on Friday to do yard work and get a few other things done, too, and then we hit the highway on Friday night.

I was very happy to see Mom and to see that she's looking GREAT! I mean it! She looks super! It's obvious that she feels much better - not dizzy and unbalanced - and alert. Her memory is improving, too, even though there are some lost times that I'm not sure she'll get back. Nothing she'll miss remembering, though, so that's okay.

Kevin, Gary, and Mom golfed 9 holes at some golfing event at the lake on Sunday morning and Mom even out drove them on one hole! Kevin said she was standing and hanging off the back of the moving cart, so obviously hand-eye coordination and balance aren't an issue any longer.

We also saw Lynn and Darrel. It was great to see Lynn looking so good, too! She says she feels better and more energetic than she did before that whole mess with "the mass". It was probably sucking the energy out of her while it was growing and she just thought it was "normal" fatigue. Apparently not. I sure wish I could get that energetic feeling again. I'm still hoping to.

On Saturday night Mom, Gary, Kevin and I went with Lynn and Darrel (and a whole bunch of other people I mostly knew) to Glen and Sylvia's place to see the flax bale house they built overlooking the river. I don't have any good pictures of the house, though it's lovely. I think the view captured my attention most. The house sits on a hill ... not another home in sight ... overlooking the river. So pretty! The house has a walk out basement with a large covered patio and the main floor has a wrap around deck. Fabulous! Because of the bales, the windows all have really deep sills, which I really like, and they have a circular staircase from the main floor to the downstairs. Who didn't always dream of having a circular staircase?!

The weather on Saturday was as perfect as can get and it was hot enough with just enough breeze that no mosquitoes showed up until the sun started to fade from the sky, which wasn't until quite late in the evening anyway. The food, drink and good company was plentiful! Awesome!

This last photo is of an old building in Kyle across from the new Co-op store. I was thinking it would make a great backdrop for photographing quilts. Note to self.

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