Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Kerr Farm - 100 Years

This year the Kerr farm became a century farm. One hundred years ago my Grandpa cleared and established our farm. I always get very sentimental about our farm. I have very happy memories of growing up on the farm and I often wished my own kids had experienced the freedom and the carefree childhood that I knew. I have always felt very lucky to have grown up on our humble farm in our humble community. Life had a certain richness there that can't be duplicated in the city. And that's not just nostalgia speaking.

Here are some photos from our Saturday visit to the farm. Lots of old stuff and a few newish bits for contrast. Kevin and I, riding on the quad, followed Lynn, Mom and Gary out to the pasture. I would have taken photos there but I was hanging on for dear life with one hand, swatting giant mosquitoes with the other and eating dust. When we got to the dam in the bottom of the coulee (on the pasture land) the mosquitoes and other monster bugs were so thick and relentless that Kevin turned the quad around and high tailed it back to the farm. He had blood down the back of his shirt from me swatting them while we were on the run. You would think they wouldn't land when we were moving that fast but there was no stopping them! They were hungry! And did I mention that Kevin had sprayed himself with OFF before we left for the pasture? Yikes!!

Anyway, it occurs to me that a lot of my photos are of places that would be perfect for quilt photo ops! But before I get ahead of myself I had better make me some quilts, right? At least I have the photo backdrops scoped out. What a relief!

It seemed to me, at the farm, that the trees have really grown a lot in the past little while. I mentioned it to Darrel and he agreed that they had. It must be all the moisture. I guess that explains the size of the trees in BC.

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