Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer - And the Livin' Is Easy

I've been busy enjoying summer. And I haven't had anything troubling to report. I have to remember, though, to log the good stuff, too, such as my not having lost any more clumps of hair. Yeah! My joints are what they are. If a little Frankenwalking is the worst of it, well, so be it. I have yet to see my doctor to talk about some possibilities but I'll do that. I just keep putting it off ... because it's summer and because not going to doctors makes me feel a little better, too. No offense to all you doctors out there, but I'd just as soon not see you unless it's socially.

Look what our garden has produced! I love garden peas. Raw and fresh from the pod. They're like candy. They're about the only vegetable in our garden that is doing well. Strawberries are starting to come. My radishes mostly drowned. The birds have eaten most of our lettuce. Our tomatoes look pathetic while everyone else's are looking great. The carrots ... jury's out. But our peas are great!

I've been enjoying some of the FIFA Women's World Cup games on tv. I've been feeling the pain with our Riders. Ouch! While watching sports I finished another handkerchief block and have another one almost finished. Progress! Yeah!

Luke's team, the Victoria Shamrocks, is in playoffs right now. They won their first "best out of three" series against Nanaimo. So far so good. Uncle Norman got to one of his games. Don and Sylvia were also in Victoria and Vancouver recently where they saw both Hannah and Luke and some other family and friends.

I've been eagery waiting to see if Kyle or Meadow Lake won the Kraft vote.

We've made a few visit to Jerry's on 8th street for Gelato. Yummmm ... We've finally had the chance to reconnect with some of our friends. It feels good to step away from my computer and even from the camera.

Something else I don't do anymore is read the newspaper. I've been reading the newspaper pretty much every day since my mid twenties. I remember how glad I was when morning deliveries started. Up until this past November I've read the newspaper almost every morning over breakfast. It's how I've always started my day. But I got so busy last fall ... and a little overwhelmed ... before Christmas that I just couldn't manage time to read the paper. I had trouble enough getting up in the morning to get to work let alone read a paper. And I was so exhausted after Christmas ... and then life got a little crazy. At some point it occurred to me that I wasn't really missing the paper. I'd let go the need to know what's going on. Mostly if there's something I really need to know, surely someone will tell me, right? The newspapers are always full of bad news and, without being someone who wants to live with my head in the sand, I'm kind of enjoying being at least not aware of bad news on a daily basis. It's been liberating.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, too!

I DO love summer!
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  1. Hi Heather, It was nice to see you the other day. Glad you're enjoying summer too! I like your peas, and the mysterious lace piece pictured above.

  2. Yum! Peas! My sister-in-law mailed me some snap peas. It was too funny, but they were so good!


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