Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vitamin D Supplementation Prevents Breast Cancer Therapy-Related Bone Loss

This newly released research supports my contention that I need to achieve and maintain OPTIMAL levels of Vitamin D in my body and not just what's recommended by Health Canada, which many scientists and health professionals now consider not even adequate for disease prevention and good health. Okay, it's enough to prevent rickets but there is increasing evidence that higher levels of Vitamin D might even prevent some cancers in the first place. And not just cancers but other diseases such as MS, diabetes, and more.

Vitamin D Supplementation Prevents Breast Cancer Therapy-Related Bone Loss : Internal Medicine News:
"The bone loss associated with aromatase inhibitors [such as the Arimidex I was on for a while until my joints got so bad I could hardly walk] was significantly slowed with increasing supplements of vitamin D in a prospective cohort study of 156 postmenopausal women.

'The bone loss was less the higher your vitamin D level was maintained,' said session chair Dr. Thomas J. Smith of Massey Cancer Center of Virginia Commonwealth University. 'This is one of the first intervention studies,' he said. 'And the results are pretty striking.'"
Read the rest of the news release at the link above.


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