Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Married a Hobbit

You haven't seen tan lines until you've seen Kevin's! Okay, there's also a little surface dirt after weeding the garden, but mostly this is from wearing his sandals year after year. His feet look like this in the winter, too, just less so.

While I was sewing this afternoon, Kevin was weeding. He weeded until he was dizzy ... from the heat. It was very hot today. I can't believe his feet! He should wear sandals with a fish shaped strap across the front if he's so keen on getting tan lines. They might as well be a conversation piece. What am I saying? They're already a conversation piece. Obviously.

I had a slow start to my day because I had such bad ankle cramps last night starting around midnight. I didn't get to sleep until sometime after 4:30 a.m. and then they started again at 11:30 a.m. and went on for an hour or two. It's always my right ankle when I get these and they're worse than any I've had in my feet or legs. They would start every time I would lie down last night and once started, I would HAVE to stand up. The cramps were so strong, they twisted my foot to the side so that I couldn't put my foot flat on the floor until the cramp had subsided a little. I also couldn't feel my foot, which was very strange. Parts of me feet are still a bit numbed as a result of nerve damage from the chemo but they're not entirely without feeling. I can, for instance, typically feel that my feet are on the floor. When I was having these ankle cramps, I couldn't feel my feet at all while the cramps were at their strongest. While I haven't had a cramp since about noon, my ankle area aches a bit from where the worst of the cramping was. What a miserable night. If today had been a work day, I wouldn't have made it. As it is, I didn't get started on my quilt until after 1:00. I'm so glad to have the top finished. Isn't it pretty?!!

Don and Syl had us over for dinner tonight. Lots of fresh garden vegetables. Mmmm ... and angelfood cake with fresh from the backyard raspberries. Mmmm ... And a nice visit, too, with Uncle Reg and Marion.

I'm suddenly seeing the inside of my house with non-quilting eyes and it ain't pretty! It's pretty nasty to tell you the truth. I'd hate to have to start handing out hazmat suits to visitors before they walk through the door. So you know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
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