Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada Day!

We spent Canada Day at Clearwater Lake and watched the fireworks from the beach. It was lovely. I only just discovered that there is a setting on my camera for photographing fireworks so I gave it a whirl. Now I can say I've tried it but I won't likely try it again. I'll leave it to those who have fancier cameras and to those who don't LOVE fireworks as much as I do. If you're taking pictures of them, you miss out on the sheer enjoyment of them! I don't think I ooooo'd or awwww'd even once because if I did I might wiggle. I'd rather ooo and aww any day! Anyway, these are a few of the best photos I got of fireworks. Meh!

This flag flies outside the building where I work on campus - The Diefenbaker Canada Building.

The sillouetted photo is kind of arty, don't you think?

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