Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Angels

The angels ... and Charley ... descended on Thursday night right onto our deck! What a beautiful night to be outside! We haven't had many of those. In fact, it hadn't even occurred to me that we might be able to sit outside until I realized that our house was just too damn hot!

For the first time in I can't remember when, we ALL made it to splurge! We had to take a picture and as luck would have it, Kevin was here to be the photographer. I had asked him to hang around so he could give "fish tours" as some of the angels had requested. And Kevin loves to give fish tours ... accompanied by tequila shots. Gail brought him this hilarious swimming cap with googly fish eyes on the front and some little fins at the top and the back. SO funny! I wish I'd had a picture but I doubt Kevin would have let me post it here anyway. Kevin has a big head as does everyone in our family and I think he was afraid the rather smallish cap might smoosh something.

It was great to see everyone after a longer than usual time between gatherings. We talked and laughed and drank and ate and fish toured. Good times!
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  1. I had a BLAST Heather! Thank you so much for everything! Thanks also to Kevin for the tours. It was all totally enjoyable!


  2. Thank YOU, Anita! It was just great to see everyone again. Two months is TOOOO LONG!

    And, of course, Kevin was thrilled to be included. He loves hosting. He only wished more people would have taken him up on more of his bar concoctions.


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