Monday, August 9, 2010

Clearwater Lake and Home Again

Too soon we had to get back to Saskatoon. We didn't want to miss the Sunday barbeque at 11:30 at Diefenbaker Park for "Scorpion Day". The Scorpion Alumni played a fun game against the current Scorpion U-19s. Lots of parents were there. It was a beautiful day ... if you like hot days, that is.

After that I, for one, was pretty much toast! There was a lot of book-reading, tv-watching, and napping happening last night. One particularly bright spot in the evening was having Hannah's friend, Ian, stop in for a visit. We hadn't seen him in a couple of years at least.

And then ... today ... back to work. I was a little over-tired ... probably from the busy weekend ... but got through the day. There was a little adventure at work when a bat was caught in the Diefenbaker Archives. They rescued the little guy and put him in a safe place outside where they were feeding him water with an eye-dropper. At lunch time, Nora went home and came back with a tin of cat food and the little guy chomped away happily at the bits Nora put in front of his face. We could see his teeny tongue lapping it up and then licking his lips! We weren't sure if it would eat during the day or if it would take cat food but it did! We hope it will have flown away in the night and will survive to eat lots of mosquitoes in the days to come!
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