Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Finally Have An Appointment!

With an oncologist!! YEAH!! I was surprised to get a phone call today at work from someone at the Cancer Centre asking me if I could come for an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Hell, YES!! They apologized for the short notice but said that the new oncologist was starting earlier than they had anticipated. Finally, 10 months later, I have been assigned an oncologist.

I then phoned my family doctor for a couple of reasons: First, to tell him that the Tylenol III's with codeine aren't working (I gave them a good shot over the past couple of days but I didn't see any improvement in my mobility), and second, to ask him if there's anything he would like me to discuss with my oncologist. So I've added his questions to my growing list of notes. It's short notice for such an important and long-awaited appointment and I want to make sure I get the answers I need. I've spent most of the evening researching and checking back through my notes. I also have questions about my last bloodwork and about this horrible fatigue! I am so tired. I can't even begin to explain. It's why I haven't been updating my blog. It's why I've been missing work. When I am at work, I can barely get through the afternoons, in particular. If I just had a place where I could lie down for half an hour or so and have a nap, I think that would make a big difference in my ability to cope but there's no such place. I keep nodding off in front of my computer and my brain feels fogged over. I've tried resting my head on the desk but it's too uncomfortable because I can't position my frozen shoulders to allow my arms to pillow my head. I'm so tired, I can't function at work or at home. The codeine will have made me drowsy but I was feeling this way before I started taking it. The fatigue, if I think about it, has slowly been getting worse over the past couple of months. I've used holiday days when it's been too much for me to cope with, with the hope that a little break will refresh me but it doesn't. I wonder if my hemoglobin is low? It will be interesting to see the results of my blood work and I'll make sure to request a copy right away this time.

I stayed home on yesterday after having such a bad afternoon on Monday. I felt quite good and was able to do some things ... unpack my suitcase from the August long weekend ... pull the sheets off the beds in the kids' rooms ... do a little tidying. I ran some errands that I needed to be able to do during business hours --- arranged parking for the fall, bought a new hat, picked up a new copy of an older family photo that had been damaged. I cooked dinner and had the energy to make a salad. I had a little rest in the middle of the afternoon and I felt much better generally during the day. And sure, I was tired again in the evening, but I didn't feel "sick" with fatigue. It wasn't as bad. I thought staying home one day would make today easier but it didn't. I've been so exhausted today. I was tired getting up this morning even though I think I slept good during the night. And then, this afternoon, I felt like I'd been hit in the head with a brick! And I've been pretty much useless ever since. I had planned on getting a few groceries tonight and making a dessert (a super simple one) and some other things for my splurge club party tomorrow night. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't do any house cleaning either. While this is disappointing, I won't sweat it (unless a hot flash springs up). Cheese and crackers and such are easy and I can pick those up tomorrow after work. And I won't get all bust up over house cleaning. I'll just serve drinks and nobody will notice! And heck, they don't care!

Anyway. I have an oncologist. I have an appointment. These are both good.

These photos were taken by my cousin, Lori, with whom I had a nice chat a little while ago. She took these during and just after sunrise at Clearwater Lake. What's that mist? That's not something I'm used to seeing. Of course, Lori did say this was at sunrise and Lord knows I'm unlikely to be looking out over the lake at that time of day.

And now ... off to bed and sweet sleep.
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  1. YAY it's about time! I hope you finally get all the answers you are looking for.

  2. Hi Heather,
    Great news. Hope the oncologist can help. Good luck (and in my prayers)!
    (For some reason I have tried to post a few times, but cannot seem to get through ~ so if this is a repeat for you ~ excuse)

  3. Thanks, Berny and Laurel. I was prepared to be disappointed at my appointment but not so! I was very happy to at least get some honest and encouraging information as well as some seeming commitment to try to improve my quality of life while staying on the Tamoxifen.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Berny, I'm so glad for you, too, that you're finally done with the herceptin and can move on with reconstruction. I hope those appointments are lining up for you. We must talk soon so I can catch up with how you're doing. My life should slow down a little bit after I get to the other side of the long weekend. I'm sorry I missed you when you were last in town.

    Laurel, I'm sorry you had trouble posting. I don't know what that's about. I never have trouble posting on other people's blogs. I don't get it. See you soon. I'm excited to see the new changes at your home!


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