Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finding the Right Path

On Friday, we had an office retreat at Wanuskewin.
The smell of smoke from the forest fires in BC was so strong! The beautiful view from the meeting room we were in was mostly hazed over. But my noon, it looked like we were in Scotland with "the mists lifting from the lochs" (I haven't been to Scotland but I did see and read Wuthering Heights). These are my favourite photos from the walk we took at noon. I love a path through the trees to follow.

This weekend has been about rest and recovery. I was beyond exhausted after the week and so I've embraced the opportunity to sleep and sometimes to just sit still and be quiet. That's what I needed, too.

On Friday we had dinner at Norm's (Nutana Cafe) with Don and Syl and I got to bed early that night. On Saturday, Kevin and I made what would have been a quick trip to the Farmer's Market, but every time we turned around we saw someone we knew, which was very nice! We went specifically to get bread from Nature's Way Foods. It's SO good! Then, while Kevin golfed, I rested. I sat quietly and made yoyo's. It was heavenly. Then we had some friends over that night for drinks, which was just wonderful. I've felt so frustratingly disconnected from friends just because I've been so tired --- too tired for get-togethers --- too tired for email --- too tired for phones --- just flippin' tired. It's a drag, I tell you! So to have a night with friends - some drinks, talking, laughing - made me very happy. I slept long last night and now I'm feeling a bit of panic because I just have today before work on Monday morning. Now that I feel half way to normal in terms of energy, I need more than this day. I'll just have to make the most of it while being careful not to overdo it. I'm finding it's more than a balancing act. It's making often unsatisfactory choices. It's more about serving needs so much more than wants. I look forward to a better balance between the two. I hope that comes soon. Very soon.

I'd better get at it!

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