Friday, August 6, 2010

Flowers from Nancy

While running errands on Tuesday, Hannah and I popped into Nosegay. I've stopped in a few times to meet Bridget and Nancy but my timing has been off. They weren't there. But on Tuesday, as we walked up to the door, Nancy was already on her way to greet us. She'd recognized Hannah walking across the parking lot!

It was so nice to finally meet Nancy! Even though we'd never met in person before, it felt like meeting up with a long-time friend. And look what she sent us home with! I mentioned that we were going to Don and Syl's and that we were looking for a birthday card for her. Nancy made sure there were some "Sylvia roses" in the bouquet. And I'm sure she knows my fondness for cheery gerberas, so there's a bouquet of them, too.

Thanks, Nancy!

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