Friday, August 6, 2010

A Dawson Disaster!

We had unexpected company today! We walked in the door after having dinner at Nutana Cafe (a family tradition) with Don and Syl (for Sylvia's birthday) to a phone call from Jodi saying that she, Mom, Meghan and Dawson were in Saskatoon at the University Hospital having Dawson's broken elbow looked at by an orthoepedic surgeon! Oh my!! His first day at Clearwater Lake and, lickity split, he fell off the monkey bars and, as it turns out, broke his elbow. Last night after it happened, they thought he'd only just badly bruised it and Dawson didn't seem very bothered by it, but he woke up in considerable pain during the night so off to Eston they went to get it x-rayed and looked at by a doctor, who then sent them in to Saskatoon to see a specialist. Fortunately, he won't need to have surgery ... at least the surgeon THINKS it will be okay with a cast. It will be closely monitored.

So, we were happy to have houseguests for the night. We ate cupcakes, chatted, and soon said goodnight to a VERY exhausted Jodi and Dawson!
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