Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Pills. Hard to Swallow.

I wish I could say this photo is from my own backyard, but it's not. These beauties can be found in Don and Syl's yard. So pretty!

Life is busy in our house. Kevin and I are both working this week while still trying to fit in time with Hannah and Luke. I'm taking Friday off. I have things to do for Saturday's big event (Don and Syl's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party) and I want time with my kids. They both leave early on Sunday. Too soon.

Today I stopped at The Champion Centre to replenish my prescription for Tamoxifen. I left it to the last possible day. I was dreading going there. Last time was so difficult and I was afraid to run into more SNAFUs! Sure enough. Nothing is easy there. I hesitate to call it "the Champion Centre" anymore. This was another disappointing and troubling experience. If you recall, last time I was told by the very nice pharmacist that she would take my file and put things in motion so that my prescription for Tamoxifen would be officially renewed by an oncologist ... any oncologist ... since I have never been assigned to one in particular since mine left last October. Despite her best intentions, that didn't happen. But at least I got another very kind and helpful pharmacist (and not that insensitive, abrupt, and not helpful receptionist I got last time before the very nice pharmacist stepped in) and she helped me. I was so grateful for her willingness to both get my Tamoxifen AND find out why I hadn't been booked for an appointment with an oncologist yet.

First, she called an oncologist and had him sign my prescription so I'm good another 3 months worth. She was able to send me home with 3 packages of Tamoxifen. It was my intention to inquire as to when my next appointment would be scheduled since I hadn't received an appointment letter yet. I couldn't remember if I was to see an oncologist in 3 months or 4 months after my May 3 appointment. I had guessed that it must be 4 months because 3 months had already passed without a word from the Champion Centre and it's now closing on 4 months. As it turns out, I was supposed to see an oncologist the first week in August (3 months). Apparently my file is one among a very large stack of files. I'm not the only one waiting for an overdue appointment. I was told that I should get a letter in about a month. It's a little disheartening. I really do feel like it's been a struggle with the Champion Centre since my oncologist left. I remember getting a letter from the Centre assuring me that I would be assigned a new oncologist and that my care would continue as expected. Harrumph. They lied. I understand that they're swamped and there are others who are in need of more critical care than I need right now but I'm not very happy about this feeling of having fallen between the cracks. I have several very specific questions for an oncologist and I've been waiting very patiently, I think.

Suffice it to say that visiting the Champion Centre leaves me feeling "dark". Dissapointed. Distrustful. Angry. Fortunately, most of the people I've come in contact with there are excellent. Helpful. Kind. Conscientious. They must just be overloaded. Something should be done about that. Something is broken there. Far be it for me to know what exactly but maybe it's just more staff. Better yet ... less cancer! If more focus was put on preventing cancers we wouldn't need to increase staff at the Cancer Centre. That's the answer. Yes, that's it.
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