Monday, August 9, 2010

A Visit to Clearwater Lake and the Farm

Hannah had been dreaming about "the lake" and "the farm" while she was in New York so we needed to fit that excursion in while she was home. Luke was unable to join us because he had lacrosse here on the weekend. We (Kevin, Hannah, Meghan and I) were able to get there Friday night just as the rain was starting and just in time to head straight into White Bear for the grand event ... the lawn mower races! Woohooo! I can't remember the last time I saw so much traffic in White Bear ... and so many cars and people! There were 3 cars at the same intersection when we got there! When does that ever happen?! It was just a-bustling! Because the rain had started, people were running for cover all over the place ... to their vehicles or the hotel bar or the beer gardens! We spotted Jodi's van by the track and Meghan ran back fand forth through the rain to "get the scoop". Dawson had been set on seeing those lawn mower races for some time so they were staying. We found Darrel so Kevin and Hannah bailed and joined him in the beer garden. Meghan and I decided to head to the lake to have our own little Roughrider party! Dry and warm in the cabin ... just the two of us!

The rain poured down and the thunder cracked while Meghan and I tuned a very crackling radio. We were able to catch the 2nd half of the game. We cracked open a bag of "Rider Chips" and dip, cooked us up some pork and beans and had a nice little party ... except that the Riders lost! We walked to the beach once the rain stopped and then went for ice cream. Eventually ... after the races were over ... Jodi, Dawson and Mom joined us.

Hannah had a great time with her Dad and Uncle and various people she met in the beer garden! She said it was a blast and such a strange sight to see the lightning flashing on one side of the lawn mower races and a double rainbow on the other! It's not something she would have been able to see in Vancouver or New York! And then the three of them hit the hot tub at the farm. Hannah marvelled at the huge expanse of sky overhead and all those stars! She really appreciates the special features of the prairies.

On Saturday we went on a "crop tour" around the farm. We tasted baby lentils and admired the beautiful durum wheat and lentil crops. Everything is looking lush and thick! I hope the weather cooperates so Darrel and all the other farmers in the area can pull off some great crops. I can't believe how thick the mosquitoes were at the farm during the heat of the day! They were awful! Testament to the amount of moisture they've had. Both at the lake and the farm, I thought the sky looked hazy. It was most noticeable at the farm where the horizon is so far away and in some places I could hardly distinguish it from the sky. Darrel said the haziness is because of all the moisture.

It was a hot day on Saturday! A great day for swimming. Hannah said the water was warm.  Lynn and Kathy arrived just in time for dinner.  Kathy got back from working on the cruise ship a few days ago. It's wonderful to have her home again!  Of course, after dinner a game of hand and foot (canasta) broke out!  It was a lovely weekend!


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