Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fireworks! SO AWESOME!!

Fireworks! I wish I could bottle their effect! I LOVE fireworks! Love ... Love ... LOVE 'em! To bits! I had hoped to walk down to the riverbank ... I mean it's only 4 blocks ... to watch them last night but I was just too tired. We heard the first one go off and Luke, Arden, and Kevin headed for the door but I was just too beat. You know I'm whipped if I'm missing out on fireworks! After the second one went off, I wondered if I might be able to catch a glimpse of them from our yard. Sure enough ... it was like they had planned them for viewing right from the gap between the trees seen from our back yard! I could see them beautifully! What a fabulous dislpay! Very cheering! I hope to see them again tonight ... maybe from the riverbank. We'll see. This photo, by the way, is NOT from our back yard. You might have guessed that. It's just a pretty one I found on the internet. I wonder if there were really that many going off at once or if someone skillfully created this montage?

Field Lacrosse Nationals are well underway. I haven't seen any. I plan to get out to the field today at some point.

As for my limbs ... they don't seem any better really. I've haven't been taking this drug consistently. I noticed that it's now causing my feet and ankles to swell. I don't want that either. So I stopped it to see if the swelling would subside. It does ... eventually. It's the same way I respond to Advil and it takes a while to leave my system. I'll bet there is some relationship between this drug and Advil ... a bit like the first two pain killers that my family doctor had me try ... and those didn't work at all. I can't remember where I hid those last couple of morphine tablets. I gave a cursory look last night.  I thought I might take one to see if it would make a difference but I can't remember where I hid them and I was too tired to go digging.  I'll try to find them today.  Oh, the old memory ... yikes!

Happy Birthday yesterday, Alexa!

You must be extra special to have the city put on fireworks two nights in a row just for you!
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