Thursday, September 16, 2010


It didn't look like I was wearing a straight jacket to anyone else, but for me it was one.

On Monday morning when I went to work, it was chilly. I wanted to wear a jacket but didn't want to go with a winter one. That would be a little much. I have several suit jacket weight jackets but I can't wear them because of my frozen shoulders. I thought that maybe ... just maybe ... I could get into a black safari style jacket I have that would look alright with what I was wearing.

I got it on with relatively little trouble but I had a niggling feeling that I might have trouble getting it off. No worries, though. I knew that if I needed it off, I could ask someone at the office to help me. After that, I'd be home and Kevin could help me. No problem.

I didn't have any nasty hot flashes at work on Monday so I didn't need to take my jacket off. And then, just before I left the office to come home, Kevin phoned to say he'd been invited out for a business dinner. After I hung up the phone, I thought about my jacket. Hmmm ... maybe I could get it off on my own once I got home. I considered taking it off before I left the building with someone's help but then I looked outside and decided I would be too cold walking to the car without it.

So I get home and was doing okay. Until a hot flash struck. Then I wanted that jacket off NOW! I tried. I really tried but there was no freakin' way it was coming off. I would have had to be Houdini or the Incredible Hulk. I considered calling a neighbour but then the hot flash passed and I had survived so I just kept my jacket on until Kevin got home. I was very glad to get it off when he got home, though! Apparently I'm not yet ready for jackets. Bummer.
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