Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guess Who Comes Home Tomorrow!

I'll bet you guessed! Not that I'll see much of him while he's here. He and Arden will be home to coach during the National Field Lacrosse Tournament this weekend. I'll miss seeing Luke play but coaching is good. Kevin, as chair of the organizine committee for the event, won't be home much either. I have some duties, too. It's my job to submit the scores and highlights to the StarPhoenix at the end of each day.

I wish I could better describe how this new drug is working for me. Or not. It's so hard to tell. I think it's helping my joints a bit and sometimes I think it's making me perkier and other times I think it's making me tired. It does make me dizzy sometimes, that's for sure, and maybe being dizzy just feels like being tired. And it does interfere with my sleep, I think, so that would make me more tired.

What I really need to do is actually document how my joints feel every time I get up from a chair or out of bed and when I start walking. Sometimes, if I'm busy and especially mentally engaged (like I am at work right now with a website project I'm working on), I don't pay as much attention to body as I need to to gauge how this drug is working. Being distracted is a good thing most of the time but I really need to concentrate more on how I'm responding so I can better assess this drug.

I'll get on that.
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