Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pins and Needles

Yes, this adventure will be in my future. During my research I sometimes see studies suggesting that acupuncture can be an excellent complimentary treatment to help one's body endure cancer treatments and the side effects. It's supposed to be a good thing. Still, not a single medical professional has mentioned it to me. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Everyone, for the most part, only talks about their narrow little area of specialization. They don't work well together. They should all go back to kindergarten.

Anyway, dear Norma phoned me tonight, quite excited because she had been speaking with her physical therapist who also does acupuncture. Norma very kindly described my frozen shoulders, etc. to her therapist and asked if she had any recommendations. She did. One was acupuncture. She also said it can offer relief from night sweats and hot flashes. It might help with my other joint issues, too. I think it's worth a try. I'll make a call tomorrow, though I'm sure it will take a while to get in.

Thanks, Norma, so much!

I had my first meeting with a personal trainer last night. All went well. She didn't shake her head and say, "I'm sorry. You're hooped." So, with her enthusiasm to guide me, I have embarked on my quest to lose some of the weight I've gained during this whole breast cancer mess. I meet with her again on Saturday to establish some kind of exercise program that takes into account my particular limitations. With her nursing background and particular experience, I think I'm in good hands. Still, I'm gravely aware that I will have to do the hard work myself. Harrumph. Today I followed my diet plan quite easily. My stumbling point is mostly during hot flashes. The bad ones make me feel a little sick and I always eat something to settle my stomach. I have to stop that.

I'll keep you posted with, I hope, happy progress reports.
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  1. I'm sorry I didn't think of that! I've had acupuncture. It cured my tennis elbow in 3 treatments. This was in the pre-cancer days when I could still have needles on that side :(

  2. Hi Berny! Thanks for reminding me about not getting needles in my left side! I had forgotten about that for the moment. I'll have to keep it in mind when I go but I'm sure they've run into that before and will have some options.

    I guess if we're not even supposed to "allow" a mosquito to get our left sides, acupuncture needles are probably also frowned upon.


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