Monday, September 6, 2010

National Field Lacrosse Weekend

Here are the boys who have, sadly, graduated from the Scorpions Field Lacrosse program - posing with their coaches. Basically this means they're too told to play now. I remember how sad I was last year when Luke "graduated".

Here are our Under 19 Bronze Medal winners after a VERY close game against Alberta. Saskatchewan won by 1 point.

Kevin, tournament chair and organizer extraordinaire ... with his faithful sidekick, Ron the Man. Mostly, Kevin wanted to be grand poobah of the organizing committee so that he could reserve the right to drive the gator all weekend. I should say that we had an amazing, hard-working group of parent and non-parent volunteers who logged many hours over the past year (and especially this long weekend) to make this tournament such a success. It helped that the weather Gods were with us. "Slightly cool" on Sunday was not bad at all!

Patty, my weekend chauffeur, who doesn't have a kid playing this year (Matty "graduated" last year, too, and is away playing hockey so not even coaching) and Sharon who should have been recuperating from surgery at home ... but one must remember that nothing gets in Sharon's way of joining in the fun!


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