Friday, September 24, 2010

Too Many Apples

I'm often bewildered by the many varieties of apples in the store. I can't always remember which are good for eating as opposed to good for baking. And there are new varieties that I don't know about. Maybe I'm missing out on the very best apples!

If you're like me, you might like these apple guides. It just now came to mind that there's probably an "app for that" that I can load onto my iPod Touch (speaking of "Apple"). It would be handy to just whip out my iPod in the store and call up a chart describing the apple varieties. Hmmm ...

Anyway, in the meantime, here are some guides to apples:

This is the first basic one I saw but I noticed that it doesn't acknowledge the Spartan apple, which is quite a Canadian apple as I've since come to understand, so this guide is not complete enough for me. It's the Eipicurious Guide.

This is a more comprehensive guide with just enough information to make picking an apple less of a mental chore. It's at The Cook's Thesaurus.

This guide is more likely to list the varieties we see in stores, it being from the Okanagan. It has good information about each variety of apple, too. Find it here at the Okanagan Vacation Guide.

And this is the penultimate guide! Just click on a variety and see all the information! And yet it's very accessible. Fascinating. I love it! Find it here at Orange Pippin: the comprehensive resource for apples and orchards.
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