Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby! Baby! Who's Got The Baby?!

Meghan holds Robert. The camera caught him smiling!

Dawson holds Robert.

Auntie Kathy holds Robert.

Allan holds Robert.

Sharon holds Robert.

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Cooper hold Robert.

Great Grandma Kerr and Grandma Lynn hold Robert.

Jim holds Robert. Jim held him while the rest of us ate dinner on Sunday.

Grandpa Darrel and Auntie Kathy hold Robert.

Grandma and Robert ... both sleeping.

I got to hold Robert for a while on Sunday, too. He's pretty cuddly, alright! I wish I'd got a photo of Mom holding him. I didn't have much camera time what with all the stuff going on in my house and without Kevin here to co-host with me, so I know I missed some good photo ops. I hope others got photos. There is one good one, at least, of Mom holding Robert when she, Darrel and Lynn went to Yellowknife to see him soon after he was born.

I also want a good photo of Robert in the cradle his Great Grandpa Bob (Robert) made for Hannah when she was born. I washed it up and sent it over to Kathy's for little Robert to sleep in while he's here. I'd send it to Yellowknife if there was a way to get it there. I intend to get little brass plates engraved to attach to the cradle ... one for each baby who slept in it. Dad wanted that. He'd have been so thrilled to hold this new little Robert.
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  1. What a sweet way to showcase your whole family! I like this post.


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