Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kevin - Home From Uruguay ...

... with so many stories to tell and photos to show. These are just a few. We haven't even downloaded them all, there's so many between all of the guys that were there. We intend to make a book using Picaboo, like we did for Don and Syl's 50th wedding anniversary. I think that will be the best way to showcase the photos and document what Kevin and Dwayne have called the experience of a lifetime!

Here are the guys at a popular sculptural installment at one of the many fine beaches - the hand in the sand. They swam in the ocean that day and enjoyed the beach.

The airport, they said, was amazing! Incredible architecture. The red dog sculptures in front appear to have aqualungs on their backs. Could that be? Must research.

Pedro, their driver, did some reel and rod fishing while the rest of the guys were fish collecting.

The man on the horse is almost 80. He brought the guys lunch that his wife had made to the river where they were fish collecting one day. Kevin said it was an indescribably good meal!

This is one of the finer establishments the guys stayed in. They were mostly in rural Uruguay ... around farms and villages ... where the hospitality and food was prime and the accommodations ranged from rustic to "you want me to sleep WHERE?" One place they stayed didn't have electricity, though they would be getting it for the first time in 2 weeks.

Here are a few of the many fishes the guys caught in their nets and, sometimes, with rods and hooks. Mostly they used nets ... from individual nets, casting nets and then, the big ones, seines.

There were lots of interesting birds to see, too. They ate the eggs of one of these birds - Rheas One of their eggs is equivalent to a dozen chicken eggs. It took two of these eggs to make a big breakfast casserole for the group. Ray, who had some excellent camera equipment, got many good photos of birds and scenery.

Interesting turtles, snakes, and frogs were abundant.

Kevin had a blast! It's very good to have him home.

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