Monday, November 7, 2011

Josh, Noelene and Robert In Town!

I finally got to meet Robert this weekend! As happy as Kevin is to be in Uruguay, I know he's disappointed to miss meeting Robert. Not that Robert did much. He mostly ate and slept the whole time and didn't seem to mind being passed around from loving arms to loving arms all weekend! What a trooper! Deadly cute, too.

Noelene looks great! Both she and Josh have this whole baby thing cased! Naturals! Easy peasy!

Noelene's parents will be coming from South Africa to Yellowknife to meet Robert in January. First, though, they're going to be in Japan for the birth of another new grandchild in ... probably ... early December. Then they'll visit another daughter and her family in France for a few weeks before they get to Yellowknife.

Whenever anyone, including myself, laments about how far away their kids are, I think of Noelene's parents. I can't even imagine! And they are so graceful about it.
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