Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Little Accomplished

I had big plans. BIG plans. I was going to get so much quilt making done while Kevin was away. How disappointing. I ran into a few snags. Just when I was getting some momentum I ran into problems with my sewing machine. I finished the hand quilting on that baby quilt and I made my first binding (yippee). I started sewing the binding on and made it around the first corner ... all neat and tidy (yippee) ... and then something went wonky. My thread started to make messy nests on the underside. I fiddled and diddled and rethreaded everything several times, I checked to make sure everything is clean, I changed the needle ... no good. In frustration I abandoned the machine and took a break after which I came back to it and worked at it again. I looked up information on the internet and tried everything suggested. And still, I can't get the damn thing to work! So much for progress. I'll seek professional help this weekend perhaps.

Also, unfortunately, I've felt kind of crappy for the past while ... a whole bunch of little things and partly just a little downtrodden from all the little things and doctor's appointments of the past 6 weeks or so ... and feeling SO tired. Mostly while Kevin's been away I've retreated and did a lot of nothing. But I guess that's what my body and mind needed to do. Unfortunately. It isn't much fun, that's for sure. Kevin sure didn't miss anything ... well, except meeting Robert and seeing Josh and Noelene. Today I feel a bit better. Just in time for Kevin to get home tomorrow morning.

And look what Kevin comes home, too! Our first nasty weather of the season. And he's home in time to shovel (yippee). And ... well, of course, it will be wonderful to have him home again and to hear all about his trip! I can't wait! I hope this weather doesn't cause any flight delays.

I finally shut my bedroom window and have been able to stay under the covers most of the night which means I sleep a lot more soundly, too.

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