Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Solo Quilt Finish! TADA!

A quilt for Bart's baby son, Beau. It didn't occur to me until I was finished that since I bought that green cushion in Lunenburg a couple of months ago - the one with the brown star fish on it - this little quilt matches our typically brown and red family room. Hmm ...

Nonetheless, away it will go in the mail. I just have to add a label. I think I'll write right on the quilt on the cream coloured sashing.

I was able to finish the binding because after another last ditch effort to get my machine working before hauling it into the repair shop, I did get it working. Well, kind of. Actually there's still something not quite right and I'm most frustrated with it. You might not have noticed in the photos right away that the quilt doesn't want to lie flat. It wants to curl a bit. That's because my machine is stitching with uneven tension. It's gathering the fabric just slightly on the underside which pulls things a bit wonky.

I have declared that I can not wait until next year to get a new machine. I have sewing to do NOW. I started sewing on the quilt for Robert today and right away I'm having trouble with the slight gathering my machine wants to do on the underside of seams. It pulls things crazy. If it does that on one little square, multiply that wonkiness by several squares and you get one great big unhappy mess. Not gonna do it. New machine. Now. **I just stamped my foot**.

Okay. That's decided. HELP! Any recommendations? Janome? Bernina? Pfaff? Husqvarna? Any tips?

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  1. Congratulations on your first quilt finish. It looks like lovely cuddly quilt and yes it does go perfectly in your lounge.
    I have just bought a new sewing machine and I'm really pleased with it. It is a Janome Quilters companion. I had been recommended Janome by my sewing machine repair man who would definitely know his machines. Mine was actually secondhand but looks brand new plus it was less than a third of the new price. Good luck with your decision.

  2. I love it. It is minkee and that is hard to quilt with. I totally feel for you. I had uneven stitches and all sort of tension problems. I went a year without a machine so I could get my Bernina. Haven't regretted it one bit. Best of all, perfect tension. I would really test drive something and bring a quilt sandwich to check out the free motion yourself not the salesperson. I tried one that way and the machine had all sorts of issues. Didn't buy that brand at all. Happy with mine. Good luck finding one.

  3. ohh is fantastic in a living room whit a good commbination

    Try this !



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