Monday, November 7, 2011

Kevin's Just A Little Excited

Kevin and Dwayne left Friday morning for Uruguay! Kevin was pretty excited! Shelley drove them to the airport. I wanted a photo of the guys before they left so ...

Photo Number 1 ... "Kev, you're smiling so much I can't see your eyes!"

Photo Number 2 ... "Over here, Kev ... eyes open!"

Photo Number 3 ... "Okay ... Kev can't quit beaming ... no eyes ... have fun in Uruguay! Catch lots of fish!".

For those of you who don't know, Kevin, Dwayne and 6 other "fish nerds" will be in Uruguay for a couple of weeks on a fish collecting adventure. They have a guide who has arranged everything and they'll be in various rivers collecting freshwater tropical fish for their aquariums. Imagine the fish you see in tanks in pet stores. Many of those come from the kinds of rivers Kevin will be collecting fish from but he's hoping to get some species we don't typically see here. He has wanted to do this almost as long as I've known him so this is a big deal. The tanks in our house are all ready for all the new fish he hopes to bring back.

Their guide has already made all the necessary arrangements with Customs as to how many and what species they can bring back to Canada with them. I hope Kevin, Dwayne and the rest of the guys have the time of their lives!

Kevin phoned yesterday to let me know that they were in Montevideo and having a great time already!

I plan to do a lot of quilting while Kevin's away. I have so much to do!
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