Monday, November 7, 2011

Now, Where Was I ...

... oh, yes ... Hallowe'en! Things got a little ... bizzy ...

I meant to get Hallowe'en decorations up even if only a few just to let the trick-or-treaters know that we were open for business! Decorations didn't happen. I did have candy, though ... for the 8 that stopped by! When our kids were little there were quite a few wee ones in the neighbourhood but now that all of our kids are grown, there are mostly just we "oldies". Soon, I imagine, there will be some turnover in the neighbourhood and there will be more little ones again. It's already starting with some newlyweds on the block.

We are most fortunate to have kids right next door to us. I love them! This is Hannah and Ava in their costumes. Little Ava, even though she was sick, was not about to miss out on Hallowe'en fun.

I thought there might be more kids in the neighbourhood even if only to see the great house on the corner only a few houses down from ours. The people who own it add more decorations every year! This year has been the best yet!

These ghosts almost looked alive the way they floated about!

The graveyard was creepy! Someone call the CSI team!

A laughing skull dropped down from above when anyone approached.

And my favourite new addition ... the eyes in the upper windows!

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