Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Special Kindness

The timing couldn't have been better. I was feeling a big down in the dumps and there arrived a package at my door. And this is what was inside!

I follow a quilting blog, "Around the Block" and the blogger, Cindy, had posted in October a little story about her husband, Mark's, mother who had had breast cancer in the 70's. She'd had a horrible prognosis (stage 4) and wasn't expected to live very long at all but, amazingly, she did survive and lived for another 30 years! And when she did pass, it wasn't even cancer that took her! I don't hear enough of those stories and when I hear one or read one, I take heart in the possibility. I commented to Cindy how happy I was to hear the story and how it gives people like me hope.

I hadn't expected Cindy or Mark to reply to me and it was so nice that they did. Mark told me the more complete story and how in some ways it mirrors my own. He, too, was just a young college student on a football scholarship and far from home when his Mom was diagnosed. She had his coaches tell him after a game and someone (he still doesn't know who) paid for his flight to go home to be with his Mom. Mark surely understood how Luke must have felt in similar circumstances. It's been such a nice correspondence for me and I'm very grateful to Mark for sharing his and his Mom's story with me.

And then this arrived in the mail! Mark makes these ... fused glass trivets ... to encourage others in honour of his Mom. I marvel and feel touched by grace.

Thanks, Mark and Cindy! Thanks so much!

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