Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Strange stuff is happening lately. First there was the rather dramatic improvement in my general sense of well-being and quality of life that coincided with my trying some powdered greens on a whim. Great whim!

Then, despite feeling that good, I had a horrible Sunday night a few days after that where I didn't sleep much because I couldn't cool my feet down! They were burning almost all night. Sometimes that has happened in the past but not quite so bad. And it wasn't just my feet ... it was all of me ... but having such hot feet was the worst. Usually getting up and walking around on the cool floor and getting a cool drink of water balances things out a bit but it didn't work that way that night.

The same things happened but even worse this past Sunday night. I only got to sleep sometime after 6:30 a.m., which meant I stayed home and slept most of the day. The kicker is that while I was sleeping on the sofa during the afternoon, I was kind of chilled the whole time! What's with that? How can I be burning up all night and then needing an extra blanket during the day?

Then on Monday night, around 10:00 at night before I went to bed, my feet started heating up again. I was afraid I was going to have another bad night but I didn't. I slept normally, which means only a bit of hokey pokey with the covers and pillow flipping in the night. Before I went to bed I stood out on the frozen cement step for a while to give my feet a good chill. I don't know if that helped or not.

And then today I noticed a very strange thing. I mean it's strange enough that I wake up so much perkier than I normally do. It's not because it's brighter outside in the morning because we keep our bedroom dark as a dungeon ... I even cover the light from the clock with something because the light bothers me ... it must just be this new energy I feel. Then, while walking from the parking lot to work this morning, I became vaguely aware that something seemed different. It took me some moments to put my finger on it. It was that the bottoms of my feet weren't hurting!  My feet always hurt a bit on the bottom ... not so bad that it particularly bothers me. I have learned to ignore it for the most part. If I'm on my feet for quite a while, they become more painful and then I might get a little limpy but usually nobody will notice any trouble and honestly, I'm able to ignore it for the most part.  But this morning it was very unusual NOT to feel pain in my feet!  My toes and the front of my feet still feel numbish but to not feel pain is unusual. There was just a little bit of pain in my big toes and running down that side of my foot from there but very minimal and there was a rather noticeable difference between that and my other toes and the rest of my feet and heels where there was NO pain at all!  What the ... ???

So, I got to thinking ... maybe this recent problem with hot feet at night is a sign of the nerves in my feet (they were damaged during chemo) finally repairing themselves ... even a bit. I'd given up on that happening. It's been just over 2 years since I finished chemo.  I really did feel unusually light on my feet today. It's a great feeling!  Is it just time or is it the greens and the protein powder I've started taking recently?  Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know and will probably never know and I don't know if this will last but I'm just going to enjoy it while I can.

This morning I stopped by Booster Juice to get a shot of wheat grass on top of my morning greens. I might do that again.

And oh ... this photo ... I took it to show you the clear platform that joins onto my sewing machine to give me a nice big flat surface to sew on.  I wouldn't have guessed it would make such a difference but it's fantastic!  It makes it so much easier to sew with better accuracy!  Jo gave it to me when I bought her old Pfaff. Thanks, Jo. I love it! You can see I keep the manuals handy. I'm a girl who needs and uses manuals.
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  2. (ooops with last message!)

    Plain and simple . . . SO GLAD for you!!

  3. So glad to hear you're feeling perkier (is that a real word?). You'll be tap dancing soon...fingers crossed...seriously strange things our bodies do...continue the repairs:)


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