Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today - Chocolate Greens - Best Yet

The powdered wheat grass I tried first was truly awful, but if it's what has made me feel so good, I would take it every day ... if I had to ... if there was no substitute.

On day 2 I tried the Goji and Acai flavoured Greens. Much less foul tasting than the wheat grass. Today I tried the chocolate one mixed with a little bit of milk. It's not as good as chocolate milk, of course, but it was even better tasting than the Goji and Acai flavoured stuff. Tomorrow I'll try the pack of VegeGreens. And after work tomorrow I will be stopping by the health food store to buy more of something because HOLY WOW! I FEEL GOOD!

I don't get it and I'm trying not to get TOO excited because maybe it will all fade away after I go back to work this week. This week will be the real test. I still don't understand how Greens could be making this much difference. It's truly been dramatic and I am astounded and a little bewildered. If anyone reading this takes "Greens", I would be most interested to know if you feel it makes a noticeable difference for you. If someone tries Greens after reading my testimonial, I would be very curious to know if you feel any difference. Like I said, I can't say for sure it's the Greens making the difference for me but I don't know what else it could be. Well, there's the Oil of Oregano I've taken and which has really made a difference to my sinuses, but ... I don't know ... could this new-found energy be from that?

I went shopping today! Not because I had to ... because I WANTED to. No big deal for most of you but for me it's ... "what the ... "??!! I can't even remember the last time I WANTED to shop. I went to the mall downtown and just walked around looking at all the new fashions and new products. I bought some things I only kind of needed ... like lovely new body lotions (I'm almost out) ... some new make-up (which I actually needed) ... and some clothes ... which I don't think I needed but everyone around me might think otherwise. I bought a new book (needed). I bought a LOT of greeting cards because Carleton Cards is closing and everything was 75% off - a very good deal! Today was the last day of the sale before they close their doors. I shopped almost all afternoon and then I came home and did some housework. I didn't even have to force myself! That I was still had the energy to do housework after all that walking around is very odd for me. VERY odd.

Who am I??!! This must be how other people feel. I vaguely remember a time when I used to feel this way but it's been a very, VERY long time! I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE it lasts. More than anyone can know I hope this lasts!

Kevin was in Regina today to present a big old cheque from Sarcan to TeleMiracle. I watched him on tv!
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  1. HEATHER! I want your energy! I've taken Greens in the past but never that brand! Which health food store - I am SOLD....

  2. Awesome news. Sure hope it's more than chance.


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