Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Sewed!

Finally. Some sewing. It's been too long. I kind of had to relearn how to use my machine. Had to get the swing of it again. So instead of working on projects that are waiting and started, I did something simpler to get myself back in the groove and I put together these vintage handkerchiefs into an eclectic little quilt top.

I machine appliqued ... first time doing that ... the handkerchiefs to 14" squares on Kona Snow. Now, these handkerchiefs were "well-loved". There are some holes and stains. But that's no deterrent because it's their imagined story that most interests me. Unlike pristine hankies that have been tucked away in drawers and boxes, these were well loved and well used by a particular woman ... a friend's grandmother. Having never lived in a time when I would have ever used a hankie, I wonder when she would have used these. Were some everyday hankies? Were some special occasion hankies? Did any match particular outfits? Were some Sunday church hankies?  As I was working with these hankies, I created lots of possible stories for them in my mind and I thought about the owner's granddaughter (my friend) and I think about her granddaughter, just one year old, who will get this quilt and I wonder if she will imagine stories for the hankies that belonged to her great great grandmother.

Of course, you can't leave exposed holes in a quilt, so I've used the yoyo's I made from some 30's inspired fabrics to embellish the hankies. I got all the holes covered but then I noticed a few stains and I covered them, too. And then I still had some yoyo's so I sprinkled them about for balance. I only have about half of them sewed on so far. One more evening of sewing and they'll be done. I might make some mini yoyo's to sew on top of these yoyo's. They'll look a bit like the centres of flowers. Some people sew buttons on but I don't want to put buttons on a child's quilt. Swallow hazard.

I have some vintage looking floral fabric for the back and I might edge the quilt in a ruffle out of some yellow dot fabric. I don't know how to sew a ruffle on a quilt but I have some ideas and I'll look for some instructions.  I think a ruffle would be appropriate.

And then ... for the quilting part ... I think I'll machine quilt in the ditch (along the seams), which I've never done before, and then I'll hand quilt with some perle cotton in various complimentary colours. Not particular plan at the moment but that's it generally.

The last three photos aren't as bright as the ones above it.  My camera setting must have shifted on me.

I had a nice weekend. I had more energy than I normally do on a weekend and I got more done. That doesn't mean I don't get tired. I do. It feels more like a normal kind of tired, though ... and end of a long day kind of tired ... not an all over body fatigue. I'm so much happier!
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  1. This happy quilt matches your mood! The machine quilting will be great to anchor everything together! How about echoing some of the flowers or the pretty borders in the hankies with the perle thread?!The other thing is .....can't you buying hankies in Canada anymore? I have some favourite hankies and have one in my handbag all the time! I know some people don't think they are very hygienic but I like to have one there when a Spring sneeze erupts!!!

  2. This is a lovely way to re-cycle and showcase these pretty hankies and what a lovely memory quilt for the recipient.

  3. Beautiful. I love the hankies and your creative ideas.

  4. Great idea to use your yoyos. Impressive the way you were able to match the colors to your hankies. Good job!


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