Friday, March 23, 2012

Street Art in Louisville

The creative spirit is rich and abundant in Louisville. I love their art scene.

All this pink looks like it might be an art installation and I guess it is ... it's the work of Mother Nature ... pink petals victim to the rain. It looks like pink confetti. Very pretty!

We saw at least 3 weddings going on in and around the 21C Hotel, which is very possibly my favourite hotel EVER ... even though I've never stayed in it. It's a hotel that's a gallery as well and it's FANTASTIC! I love it! One of these days I'll actually stay there and then I'll be able to wear one of its t-shirts that reads, "I slept with art".  HA!  The outside of the hotel is perhaps most easily distinguished by the red penguins.

The hotel limo is awesome! I had trouble getting it all in a photo, it's so long! What a lot of red glass marbly beads! Way cool!

And same with the Plymouth installation with all the feet beneath it. I knew it was making a statement but I didn't know what for sure until I saw the license plate, which reads "CUBA".  Awww ...

I think Saskatoon should have a 21C Hotel.  I really do.

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  1. oh man I want to go there and see all that in person!!! such cool art!!


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